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BCI MARINE’s story is deeply rooted in the life experiences of its founder, Patrick Hardy. In fact, it stems from Hardy’s lifelong passion for pleasure boating and his 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors. Throughout his career, Hardy has distinguished himself as a frontline player, climbing the ranks while demonstrating an undeniable talent for marketing innovative products. With his rallying, innovative and dedicated personality, Hardy has drawn praise in all of his endeavours.

Drawing on his innate entrepreneurial flair, Hardy owned his own technological marketing solutions business which offered customers leading edge tools. His customers were able to build on state-of-the-art solutions to gain leadership in their respective fields. Alongside his professional undertakings, Hardy is a die-hard boating fan. In fact, his passion for pleasure cruising grew so much that he decided to sell his company in order to refocus his career on the boating industry.

Then came an opportunity: BCI Distribution, a player in the nautical sector, was up for sale. Hardy saw this as the perfect opportunity to put his talent and expertise to work for industry stakeholders, while enlivening the market by introducing a unique offer. He purchased the company. And thus was born BCI Marine.


BCI Marine offers boat dealers simple, turnkey distribution and sales solutions for the brands they work with. From adapting boats to North American standards to handling the logistics of transportation, customs clearance and dealer inventory financing, BCI Marine takes charge of operations for the entire chain, from the manufacturer to the dealer. BCI Marine also supports dealers in their marketing initiatives by implementing integrated solutions designed to stimulate consumer demand for the brands they carry.


BCI Marine establishes a preferred market position by distributing unique, innovative products. Focusing on emerging trends in the nautical world, BCI Marine aims for high-demand market segments in North America, in tune with today’s consumer demand: electric outboards, carefully designed semi-rigid crafts, cruisers and much more.

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